Quantify Engineering Progress

GitPrime uses data from version control and source code to help engineering teams understand their work patterns and improve the way they build software.

Story points and tickets only tell part of the story

GitPrime gives you a unified view of software engineering progress across all repos and teams based on data. See your team in realtime, and all your historical data is there too.

Lead with facts, not feelings

Introduce concrete data about team progress into your existing development process to focus on improving what matters most.

Bridge the communication gap with engineering stakeholders

Plot company events over a timeline of development workflow and learn how engineering interacts with the organization as a whole.

Say goodbye to arbitrary and subjective management


Spot when engineers are blocked or bogged down with refactoring


Learn how process changes impact engineering workflow


Prioritize code review based on risk and severity of changes


Communicate value to stakeholders based on concrete data


Understand precisely how much attention goes toward technical debt


Offer developers specific feedback during one-on-one meetings

Easy to get started, nothing to set up

1. Add your repos with a few clicks.

2. GitPrime aggregates activity across all repos, indexes key metrics, and generates reports.

3. Equip your team with the data they need to go to market faster and stop costly miscommunication delays.

Try it free for 15 days

  • No Credit Card required
  • Nothing to setup
  • No change in workflow
  • Unlimited reporting, unlimited repos
  • All historical data is free

“GitPrime metrics have completely transformed the way we think about productivity. For managers of agile development teams at scale, there’s nothing so essential to lead your teams to success.”

Todd Tidwell

Sr. Director of Engineering Architecture, SolarCity

“For the first time in my career I have data that makes it easy to understand the big picture of what everyone is working on. Gathering information for daily meetings used to be a headache, now it takes me 15 minutes over my morning coffee.”

Todd Fulton

Director of Engineering, Recurly

“GitPrime helps us build, measure, and learn in a way that’s data-driven to ensure everyone on the team is making daily forward progress. Thanks to a 47% boost in productivity, we shipped our last product 2 weeks ahead of schedule.”

Jeff White

CTO, TouchSuite